Cotton Science Pruning Technology

Conventionally cultivated cotton fields usually have 12 to 15 fruit branches per plant. It is suitable to be topped after July 15th and will end on July 25th according to the growing trend of the plant. Simplification of the cultivation of cotton fields is generally carried out in two stages, namel---

The cultivation of sweet corn Meiyu No.3

Meiyu No. 3 is a sweetened glutinous fresh corn that has been fed with sweetened sweet genes in sweet corn and grown in glutinous maize. Its fresh taste is superior to some glutinous corn varieties currently produced. Characteristics The variety has good comprehensive agronomic traits, strong seed---

Shiitake mushroom bag four key

Take off the bag and choose a sunny or cloudy morning bag. In autumn and winter seasons, since the northwest wind is often scraped during this period, the surfaces of the bacteria cylinders are liable to be blown dry. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid bagging on windy days. Control the temperatu---

Ostrich Breeding Winter Breeding Points

The quality of winter feeding and management in Ussuri is related to the timely estrus in the spring of the following year, the strength of mating, breeding ability, and the rate of female calving and lactation. Because the northern provinces in northern China have low winter temperatures and long ---

Winter spinach cultivation management

First, choose the variety: spinach can be divided into the root of spinach, buried spinach, spring spinach, summer spinach and autumn spinach five varieties. Therefore, planting winter spinach should use hardy varieties such as spiny seed spinach or spinach. Second, the preparation of fertilizatio---

Calla lily soilless cultivation method

Soilless cultivation system Calla lily soilless cultivation system is mainly composed of planting tank, drip irrigation system, nutrient solution pool, water pump and liquid supply timer. The planting tank can be made of bricks, the width of the tank frame is 80 cm, and the height is 20 cm. The len---

Fermentation bed management skills

The management skills of the fermentation bed are basically the same as the routine management of conventional pigs, but it also has its own special features.1 The breeding density of pigs. The number of pigs per unit area is too many, and the fermentation effect of the bed will be reduced. General---