Enzyme technology applied to food processing

As the largest output value in the industrial sector, in 1999 the output value of the Chinese food industry reached 790 billion yuan, accounting for 11% of the total industrial output value, but profits and taxes accounted for 20% of the industry. One of the development priorities of the food indus---

Agricultural vehicle tractor Mo Chaochao

With the modernization of rural areas, agricultural vehicles and tractors have gradually been widely used, and bear the transportation of agricultural production materials, grain, livestock and poultry feed, building materials, and industrial raw materials. Agricultural vehicles and tractors are we---

Tomato umbilical rot disease causes

Tomato often suffers from umbilical rot, and the incidence of umbilical rot is summarized as follows: 1. The climate is dry. 2. Water and fertilizer management. Immature irrigation is not timely or improper, causing soil moisture to fluctuate in the result period; improper fertilization, partial ap---

Edible fungus mosquito control method

First, the reasons for the occurrence of (a) culture material improper fermentation. The cultivation of the material is not thorough, the turning is uneven, the fermentation time is too short, and the disinfection is not complete. (b) The microclimate in the mushroom house is not suitable. Such as ---

Rana praecox cage breeding technology

The semi-artificial breeding of Rana sylvatica has been carried out in the Northeast China for many years. There are many successful experiences. Rana temporaria is one of the cage hatching culture techniques. This technique was developed by some farmers in the Wangqing Forestry Bureau of Jilin Pro---