How can bamboo jellyfish be safe in summer?

Bamboo jellyfish scattered hi light, afraid of direct sunlight in the summer, safety summer maintenance management measures: 1 Avoid strong light. At high temperatures, if the light is too strong, it can easily cause the blades to have sharp focal edges, and the leaves turn yellow and even fall o---

Comprehensive control of cabbage black rot

Recently, a vegetable farmer in Changli County reported to the author that the local production base for cabbage was exported. The farmers had been growing cabbage for many years. Now the disease is very serious, especially black rot, and how to prevent and control it. The prevention and control t---

Pollution-free Dryland Management Technology

The cultivation of dry land of lotus is a high-efficiency planting technique for pond cultivation in the dryland of Minamata. It is a new technology that increases the ground temperature by artificially adjusting the water level, and is simple in management and stable in high yield. There is less ---

Pasture planting mode for dairy cows

Green feed is an important feed and dietary component of dairy cows and is essential for dairy cows. 1. The green feed contains rich and complete nutrients required by cows. 2. The green and green feedstuffs for proper cutting not only have low content of crude fiber, but also have high digestibil---