Cultivation of young leaves

The red leaflet is a deciduous shrub belonging to the genus Olivia, and is a variant of the Oystercatcher. Hi light, slightly shade-tolerant, cold-resistant, resistant to thin, resistant to pruning, branches red-brown, leaves oval single or clustered, all year round red. Spend from May to June, ye---

August pest control of corn

Corn leaf spot: Generally, the amount of rainfall in July was positively related to the incidence of leaf spot disease. When the diseased plant rate reached 70%, the diseased leaf rate began to develop from bottom to top; the rainfall was early, the rate of diseased plants rose early, and vice ve---

Summer maintenance of cold season lawn

Summer high temperature and high humidity, the incidence of cold-season turf disease is high, if improper conservation measures, it will cause a large area of ​​alopecia areata lawn, seriously affecting the landscape effect. Based on many years of experience, the author talks about t---

Edible mushrooms, mushrooms, moisturizing

At present, the main reason for the low yield of Pleurotus ostreatus in rural areas is the low moisture content of Pleurotus ostreatus after its harvest. How to make the culture material moist, more production of mushrooms, it will become an important factor in the high yield of Pleurotus ostreatu---

How to grow good rapeseed

Rape is the main oil crop in our province, and it is also a good crop. In order to win the harvest of rapeseed next year, according to the experience and lessons of planting rapeseed over the years, talk about how to plant good rapeseed, for reference in production: First, fine soil preparation, ---