Li planting technology

First, the biological characteristics of Li?? Li is a genus of Rosaceae, which is an ancient breed of Chinese Li. Li blossomed from late March to early April, and sprouted in early April. The flowers bloomed in white, and the fruit was hardened in the middle of May and matured in July. Li Guo is a ---

Laser grader setup and operation

1. Create a laser. Firstly, the position of the laser is determined according to the size of the site to be leveled. For a site with a diameter of more than 300 m, the laser is placed roughly in the middle of the site; a site with a diameter of less than 300 m is placed on the perimeter of the site---

Semi-sweet cider production technology (2)

5, deployment. After 4 to 5 months of sealed storage and aging, Apple's original wine is transferred to the pool for sugar, wine, and acid blending to maintain proper proportions of each ingredient, making the wine harmonious and supple. The added sucrose should be used after being made into su---

Winter fish need "three defenses"

The winter fishes are protected against shallow water, the second is against hypoxia, and the third is against cold. Preventing shallow water in winter has little rain, which can easily cause the water level of fish ponds to decrease. In addition, some fish farmers like to shallow the fish pond wat---

Several Misunderstandings of Diesel Engine Start-up

Some common operators use the incorrect method to start the diesel engine. If they ask them why they are doing this, some shook their heads and said they learned from others; others replied eloquently, according to the book. Of course, there are no mistakes in the book, but most of them are an emer---

The three major diseases of Chinese cabbage

The three major diseases of cabbage Chinese cabbage rot, downy mildew, and virus disease are the three major diseases in the production of Chinese cabbage. They have a great impact on the yield of Chinese cabbage. When the disease occurs, the yield is reduced by 20% - 30 %, weighing over 50%. There---

Fresh fruits and vegetables tips

1. The most important thing for preservation of leafy vegetables is to retain water while avoiding leaf rot. The easiest way is to use old newspapers, spray some water on the leaves, then wrap them in newspapers, and put the roots down in the freezer to effectively save the time and keep fresh. 2. ---