Citrus cultivation garden management plan

1. Community division The division of the community should be based on the principle of management. The terrain, topography, soil, and lighting conditions in a community should be roughly the same. In the flat terrain, the area of ​​the plot can reach 6-7hm2. The hills and mountains w---

Jinbao series of microbial fertilizer

The golden treasure series of microbial bacteria, fertilizer, golden treasure, fine collection of microbial fertilizers is based on plant nutrient physiology and rhizosphere soil microecology, developed by the Academy of Military Affairs and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Beijing Huaxia Kan---

High-yielding Breeding Techniques for Broilers

Wuji chicken is a rare chicken species unique to China and has high food and medicinal value. At present, domestic and foreign markets have a large demand for meat and mutton chickens, and the aquaculture efficiency is high. There are broad prospects for the development of meat-bearing black-bone ---

How to reduce feed costs

How to reduce the cost of feed It is convenient to use raw materials for the fermentation of feedstuffs. Self-made pig feeds with starters can greatly reduce the cost of raising pigs and thus have been widely used by farmers. Different methods of production are used, and the results obtained vary ---