How to raise geese in spring

Gosling rearing goslings love to eat leafy feed. To start eating goslings, vegetables can be cut into filaments, mixed into five mature broken rice fed, generally broken rice accounted for 20% to 30%, vegetables accounted for 70% to 80%. Spread the mash into a clean straw mat or a plastic film and ---

Reasons why pigs adore the fermentation bed

Reasons why pigs adore the fermentation bed The use of fermentation beds has changed the concept of many people, farmers favor the fermentation bed, because the fermentation bed saves time and labor, and the operation is simple, while pigs like the fermentation bed, it must have its favorite reas---

Rice cultivation techniques

First, dry disk-free technology (a) Select the appropriate seed coating model. There are two types of "dry nurses". Drought throwing and throwing should use throwing type “dry nurses” to enable the seedlings to carry soil and achieve the purpose of diskless drought breeding. ---

What is the cause of cucumber bitterness?

The bitter taste of cucumber is a physiological disease, mainly due to the accumulation of bittersin in the melon. The disease is affected by a specific temperature and humidity microclimate, so the incidence rate in the greenhouse is relatively high, mainly concentrated in the early flowering root---