After the tractor was frozen, it


After using the tractor in winter, be sure to release cold water in time to prevent freezing of the body. If you forget to put cooling water and freeze the body, you can use the following measures. First, look for cracks. 1 Slowly bake in the lower part of the engine with a charcoal fire (avoid using a large fire). At the same time, open the tank and inject warm water into the tank (do not use water). Until the ice melts, discharge it from the drain valve, close the valve, fill the hot water, wipe the external dirt, and find the cracks; 2 The machine is frozen and the cracks are not likely to be on the outside. After the external inspection, they can be loosened. If the oil drains out of the oil sump drain bolts, the oil should be drained to remove the oil pan and carefully search for leaks. Second, the measures. 1 After the crack is found out, it should be repaired, glued, or iron plated as appropriate; 2 If the radiator core leaks a small amount, both ends of the pipe core can be blocked and used. If there is more crack, use it after welding.

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