Citrus cultivation garden management plan


1. Community division The division of the community should be based on the principle of management. The terrain, topography, soil, and lighting conditions in a community should be roughly the same. In the flat terrain, the area of ​​the plot can reach 6-7hm2. The hills and mountains with complex terrain can be as small as 1hm2. The area of ​​the community is not necessarily equal, and the orientation can also be arranged according to the terrain.
2. Road system Orchard roads are divided into main roads, branch roads and walking trails. The main road is 6-8m wide. It is a traffic trunk road in the whole park. It must be able to pass large-scale motor vehicles and be connected to the nearby roads. The branch roads should be 3-5m wide and connected with the main road; walking trails should be 1.5-2m wide and connect the branch roads. , constitute the entire park traffic network.
3. Water conservancy facilities include irrigation and drainage facilities. Irrigation can be based on local water conditions, cited the irrigation equipment to the highest ground in the park, and then from the water channel (open channel or underdrain) flow down. The setting of the drainage ditch is determined by the topography and the topography. The total drainage ditch is located at the lowest point of the whole park in the direction of the water flow, generally on both sides of the main road. Drainage branch ditch is established around each plot, and the branch ditch is connected to the total ditch. It always communicates to rivers, reservoirs and ponds.
4. Shelterbelt Shelterbelts are divided into main forest belts and sub-forest belts, and forests are formed to surround each citrus orchard community. The main forest belt is perpendicular to the harmful wind direction and acts as a choke. The secondary forest belt is perpendicular to the main forest belt and plays a supporting role in reducing wind speed. The main forest belt is in every row of 100-200m, each tree 3-5 rows, and the vice forest belt every 300-400m, one tree row each.
Forest belts should be set on both sides of roads and ditches so as to save land and be more beautiful. Sheltered forests are best planted before or at the same time as the park.
5. Other facilities Citrus garden must have a tool room, packaging plant, storage, large-scale citrus garden must also consider the construction of pesticides, fertilizer warehouses, farm machinery room.


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