Corn no-tillage seeder


With the popularization of conservation tillage technology in China, a prominent problem is the straw treatment and no-tillage sowing. During the summer harvest season, especially after harvesting the wheat using a combine harvester, a large amount of straw is scattered on the field. When the seeder is used for sowing, the corn planter cannot complete the sowing operation because of the accumulation of straw. In order to solve the problem of blocking straw accumulation and ensure the smooth sowing of no-tillage planters, the Yixian Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station has continuously explored and practiced. The trial has succeeded in having both the functions of straw chopping and straw processing, hoeing and slashing, and deep chemical fertilizer. New maize no-tillage planter for planting, corn planting, and covering and repressing operations. Its outstanding feature is: on the basis of maintaining the no-tillage sowing function of corn, the straw chopping function is added. Direct sowing can be achieved with the full amount of wheat straw returned to the field. Not only has the function been improved, but also the cost has been reduced. More importantly, it has fundamentally solved the problem of straw accumulation, achieved straw mulching, and put an end to straw burning, which is an innovation in mechanization of conservation tillage. At present, the aircraft has begun small-scale production.

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