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Conventionally cultivated cotton fields usually have 12 to 15 fruit branches per plant. It is suitable to be topped after July 15th and will end on July 25th according to the growing trend of the plant. Simplification of the cultivation of cotton fields is generally carried out in two stages, namely the leaf branches and the main stem topping. When the branches of the leaves reach to the top, 80 percent of the total number of cotton plants in the field grows from 3 to 4 secondary fruit branches, the whole plant leaves are topping in time, and the main stem can be topped on July 15 to July 20. get on. The rush hour can be performed from August 10 to 15. The production can be flexibly controlled according to the growth of the cotton fields and, as appropriate, go to the tip of the buds.

Various products of Bulk Of Lycium Barbarum, providing product images and basic parameters with each Bulk of Lycium Barbarum and Bulk Dried Goji Berries; Wolfberry on lipid metabolism or the role of anti-fatty liver is mainly due to the betaine contained in it in the body as a methyl donor role. Research on Lycium betaine is limited to the determination of the content in the country, the extraction process and the physiological role of Lycium barbarum plant (enhance salt tolerance) research, the pharmacological effects of Lycium betaine little research.
Lycium pigment: Lycium pigment is present in the Goji berries of various types of color material, is an important physiological active ingredient of Goji berries. Mainly include - carotene, lutein and other colored materials. Lycium contains the carotenoids have a very important medicinal value. Many studies have proved that wolfberry seed pigment has the function of improving human immune function, preventing and inhibiting tumor and preventing atherosclerosis. Carotene is the main active ingredient of lycopene pigment, with antioxidant and vitamin A as a precursor of synthesis and other important physiological functions.
Pharmacological effects: have an impact on immune function.We are a professional Chinese supplier of Bulk Dried Goji Berries, and look forward to your cooperation!

Bulk of Lycium Barbarum

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