Dehumidifier use precautions and maintenance methods


The condenser should be cleaned from time to time and kept clean. The dehumidifier should be placed in the center of the room. The air inlet and outlet of the dehumidifier shall not be blocked by obstructions, and the filter net shall be cleaned. If the ambient temperature is lower than 15 °C, the water droplets attached to the surface of the evaporator will freeze and the effect of the dehumidifier will be weakened. If the ambient temperature exceeds 40 °C, the pressure in the system will increase and the compressor will be overloaded. At this time, the overload protector should be cut off. Line, otherwise the compressor motor will be damaged. Therefore, the dehumidifier is suitable for use in a temperature range of 15 ° C to 40 ° C. If the humidity in the air is less than 30%, it is too dry and uncomfortable, so the reliable humidity controller is controlled to maintain the range of 50% to 60%. When using, the doors and windows are closed as much as possible to achieve dehumidification in the room. The body should be placed flat, not tilted or crossed to avoid machine malfunction or abnormal noise.
If the water storage capacity in the dehumidifier is too full, in order to avoid overflowing the dirty ground, and you must carry the body during operation, please unplug the power cord and then pour off the water in the water tank. After the dehumidifier has been moved for four to six hours, it will be turned on and used again. Because the compressor line in the dehumidifier contains cold coal, after moving, the cold coal must return to the position after four to six hours. Clean the filter gas network (about once every two weeks) to maintain the dehumidification, dust removal efficiency and longevity of the machine. Clean the filter gas net to wash with water below 40 °C; use detergent to clean better, wash off the dust, rinse with water, dry it and put it back into the body. When cleaning the body, wipe it gently with a damp cloth; avoid direct splashing of water to avoid damage to electrical insulation. There are adhesives on the surface of the body, which can be washed with soapy water to avoid spraying with gasoline, petroleum spirit, solvent or spray insecticide to avoid peeling or discoloration. Do not use thin rods or wires to pry the inside of the machine to avoid malfunction or danger. When the power is off or not used for a long time, when you are traveling, please unplug the power cord to maintain the life of the machine.

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