Eight trees are needed for autumn jujube


The temperature in the fall gradually decreased. After the jujube was planted, the wounds in the underground roots healed quickly, and the evaporation on the ground was small. The survival rate was high. Of course, there must be a scientific method of planting, should do the following eight well: 1, good seedlings: When lifting the seedlings to avoid damage to the root system. In order to facilitate planting, the main root can be trimmed slightly after lifting to facilitate the water absorption of seedlings and increase the survival rate. When the seedlings are shipped, 50 to 100 trees are tied into a bundle, wrapped in plastic film and then transported. 2, dig a pit: Dig 50 ~ 60 cm square tree pit, so that the seedling root system fully stretched in the pit. When digging, separate topsoil and subsoil, and then fill the topsoil with the bottom of the pit. 3. Apply good fertilizer: Dig a tree pit well and apply 5 kg of high-quality organic fertilizer in the bottom layer. You can also mix the sub-soil that is excavated into 20 kg of organic fertilizer and fill it in the pit when it is planted. 4, dipping a good root: Before planting seedlings, the roots of the seedlings immersed in phosphate fertilizer plus root powder solution 20 minutes or indwelling phosphorus fertilizer solution was planted immediately, the seedlings not only healing root healing, but also easy to root. 5, planting a good seedlings: saplings to be planted in the middle of the tree pit, filling, fertile topsoil fill in the rhizosphere, soil culture in the upper layer, the soil to be layered and filled with a practical layer. The depth of the buried soil is 3 to 5 cm deeper than the depth of the original seedlings when growing in the nursery. When planting, the seedlings should be shaken while filling in order to fully extend the root system and make close contact with the soil. 6, pouring water: After fixing the seedling roots, it is necessary to pour a large amount of water, and then reorganize the tree trays and cultivate them into round dumps for the purpose of windproof and security. 7, cover the film: In the jujube tree tray has been planted with a plastic film covering the tree tray, you can save the oysters, can safely winter seedlings, jujube seedling survival rate is high. 8, anti-cold: jujube seedling skin is thin, water content is small, easy to evaporate water, you can take the film, package and other methods to prevent cold, you can also cover soil cold, improve the survival rate of jujube seedlings. First, plant seedlings on a 30 cm-high soil platform at the base of the seedlings, then soil 25 cm in the direction of overwhelming the seedlings. After softening the base of the seedlings, gently press down on the soil platform, and then cover the branches with wet fine soil 20 cm thick. Prevention of "dead bends." The jujube only starts to germinate when the temperature reaches 13 to 15°C in the spring, so the time for removing the cold-proof soil should be appropriately later, and the time for the seedlings to bloom before germination should be shortened as much as possible.

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