Fragrance jasmine autumn five points


Autumn is the transitional period from jasmine to dormancy. If it is not properly managed during this period, it may cause plants to grow or stop growing, which is not conducive to safe wintering and even affecting the flowering in the coming year. Experts remind that the following five points should be made for the management of Jasmine Autumn:
The light is bright enough for jasmine. In the autumn, it should be moved from the half shade to a sunny place, so that the plants can fully receive the light, and the nutrients needed for the growth of the shoots can be supplied in time to make it safe for winter.
The water and fertilizer are suitable for the end of September and before entering the room, the temperature will decrease, and the transpiration of the plant will decrease. It may be poured once every 3 to 4 days. In the autumn, fertilization for jasmine should gradually decrease.
Prevention of insect pests in autumn is another epidemic period of jasmine pests, at which time the plants are vulnerable to scale insects, spider mites and aphids. If it happens, it can be removed manually when the quantity is small; when the quantity is large, 40% omethoate EC can be used to spray the aphids and red spiders 1000 times, and the scale insects are sprayed with 1200 times of 80% dichlorvos emulsion.
Appropriate pruning of jasmine should be properly pruned before entering the room in the end of autumn, mainly cutting the branches and branches of pests, thin and weak branches, and dried branches in time. For the beautiful appearance of the plant, the pendent shoots and endophytic branches should also be cut off.
When the room temperature falls below 12°C at the end of autumn, it should be promptly admitted to prevent frost.

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