High-yielding Breeding Techniques for Broilers


Wuji chicken is a rare chicken species unique to China and has high food and medicinal value. At present, domestic and foreign markets have a large demand for meat and mutton chickens, and the aquaculture efficiency is high. There are broad prospects for the development of meat-bearing black-bone chickens.

First, science brooding.

1, ready to enter the chicken preparation. Thoroughly clean the brooding hen house, block the rat hole, and then use a 2% -3% fire alkali water to spray and sterilize it again. Finally, close the hen house and disinfect it with formaldehyde and potassium permanganate.

2, reasonable control of temperature. The black-bone chicken has a small body size and the chicks have a poor ability to withstand the cold and can adopt a high-temperature brooding method. That is, keeping the temperature between 34°C and 36°C at the age of 1-4 days, keeping the temperature between 33°C and 35°C at the age of 4-7 days, then dropping 2°C-3°C per week, but gradually lowering the temperature. Do not suddenly cool the temperature within one day. Above 2°C. After the 5th week, it is required to maintain the constant temperature around 22°C.

3, scientific drinking and feeding. After entering the house, chicks should drink water first, then drink water for 2-3 hours and then eat. The first two weeks should be cold and boiled water, in the first two days of drinking water can be added 5% of sugar and 0.1% vitamin C, vitamin B, each chicken drink 1000-2000 units of penicillin, to reduce transport stress, promote absorption of egg yolk There are obvious results. Chicks start with food and soak soft rice or sesame seeds with boiling water. Chicks can also be used as ingredients. Sprinkle the material on a plastic sheet and allow the chicken to feed freely. After 2-3 days, use a trough or bucket to feed. The feed formulation for the brooding period was: corn 60%, bean cake 24%, bran 5%, imported fish meal 6%, yeast powder 2%, bone meal 2.5%, salt 0.4%, trace elements 0.1%, multidimensional pigment 10 grams. Requires metabolic energy to reach 12.35 MJ/kg, crude protein 20.6%, calcium 1.3%, phosphorus 0.6%, chicks fed 6-8 times a day for 2 weeks, fed 4-6 times a day after 3 weeks.

4, suitable for feeding density. Grazing on the ground, feeding, brooding period of 2 can not exceed 20 per meter, if the use of online raising and cage care, 0-6 weeks per meter 2 can raise 30-40.

5, pay attention to ventilation. Under normal circumstances, the chicks should be ventilated and ventilated from the fourth day, and ammonia and carbon dioxide should be discharged in a timely manner.

Second, timely fattening.

The black bone chicken enters the fattening period from the age of 7 weeks. This period requires not only a long flesh, but also a part of fat stored in the body, so the metabolic energy is higher than the previous period, the crude protein may be slightly lower than the previous period. Reference can be made to the following recipes: corn 64.5%, soybean cake 23%, bran 4%, imported fishmeal 3%, bone meal 2%, salt 0.4%, yeast powder 3%, trace element 0.1%, multidimensional pigment 10g. The metabolic energy was 12.5 MJ/kg, crude protein 18.8%, calcium 1.02%, and phosphorus 0.5%. Put the feed in a bucket or in a food tank for free feeding and feed 3–4 times a day. Generally after 8-10 weeks of fattening, the body size of the flesh can reach 1 kg or so.

Third, the epidemic prevention.

Every month, use 2% -3% of fire alkali water in the environment outside the chicken house to disinfect and disinfect one time. Weekly use 100 toxins or peracetic acid to disinfect the chicken in the house. Timely prevention of infectious diseases such as Marek’s disease, Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, and infectious bursal disease. 1 - 21 days of age in the feed or drinking water by adding norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin and other drugs to prevent bacterial diseases; 15-70 days of age in the feed by adding maduramycin, Taichenjing other drugs to prevent coccidiosis.

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