How to choose a dry powder mixer


In the mixed production process of dry powder mortar, putty powder and other dry powder materials, the physical properties of various raw materials are different, such as rubber powder, cellulose, polyphenyl granules, cement, quartz sand, heavy calcium powder, light calcium, bentonite, The specific gravity and particle size of gypsum are different, so the choice of dry powder mixer is very important. Many manufacturers now use a vertical mixer from a reduced input point. The raw materials are manually transferred from the tank to the mixer through a screw, and the various materials are mixed together. The mixer has two potentials. Insufficient.

1. The degree of mixing is not uniform; the uniformity of the putty powder and the external wall insulation mortar is high, because most of the active ingredients are trace components such as rubber powder, cellulose, etc., and the proportion of some components in the finished product is one thousandth or One in ten thousand, if the mixing is uneven, it directly affects its adhesion, crack resistance, water retention and water resistance. Therefore, the uniformity of the finished product directly affects the quality of the product.

2. The material is lifted from the bottom to the top, and gradually mixed by diffusion after the bulk board; the high-speed rotation of the spiral causes the components with larger specific gravity such as quartz sand to be thrown away from the axis due to the large centrifugal force and cannot participate in the mixing. On the other hand, the side gap of the spiral is large, generally 4-5 mm or more, so each batch of material will not be completely removed, and there is a large residue; due to the inaccurate operation procedure, the residue of each batch of material is not The same, thus directly affecting the content of various components in the next batch of materials, resulting in unevenness between each batch of materials. More importantly: the more expensive the raw materials are added, the more common the price is tens of thousands of tons, so you can see the loss.

In today's society, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Once unqualified products are flown to the market, quality problems such as cracking of indoor paint, empty drums, unsatisfactory scraping, etc., outdoor protective layers and empty tiles will appear in the construction of the project. Shedding or even being blown off by strong winds, rainwater seeps through the cracks to the surface of the outer wall, low fire rating, easy aging, etc.; therefore, the quality of the product affects the sales volume of the product, Hongke recommends: in addition to checking the rationality of the formula and various raw materials In addition to the quality, the choice of mixer equipment is more reasonable and worthy of attention.