How to manage winter tea gardens


In the tea area, some tea farmers believe that the growth of tea trees in the winter has stopped and that there are also animal wastes and there is no need for careful management. In fact, this idea is not scientific. According to the physiological requirements of plants and the growth and development of tea plants, the growth of tea plants in winter was halted, and the root activity was strong. At this time, management was the key to the harvest of tea in the following year, especially the guarantee of the yield and quality of spring tea. Because the sprouts of the spring tea harvest depend on the nutrient accumulated in the autumn of the previous year, and the nutrient supply of the autumn shoots depends on the absorption of the root system in the soil. The nutrients in the soil depend on artificial supply. Therefore, after the garden is closed, it must not only be managed, but also carefully managed. Long-term production practices and research experiments have shown that winter tea garden management mainly includes three aspects: soil fertility management, canopy management, and pest and disease control. Soil Fertility Management According to the law of tea tree development, in October, the growth of the tea tree gradually stopped to enter the dormant period, while the underground part gradually became active and entered the peak of the annual root activity. At this time, we should seize the favorable opportunity to create favorable conditions for the growth of underground roots. It is not too late to close the garden of tea gardens. Tillage depth is about 20 cm, sandy soil, sandy loam soil can be properly ploughed, yellow loam soil, yellow brown soil to deep plowing, close to the roots of the tea tree should be shallow ploughing, deeper away from the roots to deep plowing. Basal fertilizer is mainly farmyard manure, and appropriate phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are suitable. Adult tea gardens are generally harvested, usually with 1500 kg of compost per acre or 75 to 100 kg of rapeseed cake, 30 kg of superphosphate and 20 kg of potassium sulfate. If there is not enough labor, we can plow till and fertilize every other year, and we can also appropriately increase the amount of fertilizer. In addition, fasting pre-harvest fertilizer can be applied for 7 days before the spring tea of ​​the following year, with about 40 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per acre. The fertilization in the tea garden must be conducted between the rows and the soil should be covered. The management of tree crowns is mainly to lightly trim the picking tea gardens and cover the tea gardens. The time of light pruning was two periods when the autumn tea tree stopped growing and before the spring tea plant sprouted. When the spring shearing time is not properly mastered, it will often waste nutrition and delay the picking time. The degree of pruning depends on the length of the shoot, and it is advisable to cut 1/3 to 1/2 of the shoot tip. After the beginning of the winter, the temperature has dropped significantly and the greenhouse tea gardens will have to prepare for the cover film, which should be covered before the end of December. After cover film should be checked frequently to prevent wind damage, animal dross and heavy snow damage the film, so as not to affect the effect of the greenhouse. Diseases and Pests Prevention and control of pests and diseases in tea gardens are mainly pest control. After the closure of the garden, light trimming and trimming can play a role in disease prevention and control. However, some tea plantations are pruned in the following year and pruned in the spring of the following year, which makes it difficult to achieve the effect of preventing and eliminating diseases. Therefore, the tea garden should do a good job in four aspects. 1. Cleaning up weeds in the tea gardens and dead branches and rotten leaves are the places where pests are parasited and overwintering. Therefore, the weeds on the terrace walls and the dead branches of the roots of the tea trees should be promptly removed after the garden is closed, and they must be collectively burned. Light pruning should be completed before the Qingyuan, so that when the clearing of the garden will be treated together with the broken leaves. Second, in order to deepen the soil in deep-fall tea gardens in the fall, the insects in the soil will be exposed on the surface of the soil. After the sun, rain, and frost, the vitality will be lost. Third, the artificial capture of the park and the early winter may be higher temperatures, tea codling moths, flat moths, tea caterpillar pests can continue to harm the tea tree, this time should seize the opportunity, in the sunny after 9 am and after 3 pm Manually capture to reduce hazards. Fourth, the chemical control immediately after the closure of the park with 2.5% kungfu inulin 3000 times 3000 times spraying, leaf roller leaf roller moth, tea leafhopper and aphid have a certain control effect. After the fall of the tea plantation, 80% of the dichlorvos emulsion was mixed with 100 times liquid and spread on the base of the tea tree. The mixture was mixed with the topsoil and had a certain contact and killing effect on the pests that had not yet passed winter.

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