How to raise geese in spring


Gosling rearing goslings love to eat leafy feed. To start eating goslings, vegetables can be cut into filaments, mixed into five mature broken rice fed, generally broken rice accounted for 20% to 30%, vegetables accounted for 70% to 80%. Spread the mash into a clean straw mat or a plastic film and let the geese eat freely. The first week after hatching, feed 6~7 times during the day and feed 2~3 times at night. As the age of the geese grows, the number of feedings can gradually decrease. Early spring is colder. You can place a basin in your home to let goslings drink freely. After warm weather, goslings can be packed in bamboo baskets, and goslings can be splashed into the shallow water of the river. Every 2 to 3 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day. After 1 week of age, goslings can be rushed to the river at noon on sunny days. In addition, the temperature of the goslings before 2 weeks of age must be kept above 20°C, and the bedding should be diligently changed to keep the ground clean and dry.

The geese grazing for the first time grazing in the windless sunny days, after feeding the geese after feeding, they were rushed to the nearby grass, allowing them to freely move, 1 hour later, let the geese return home to rest, slowly extend the grazing time later And distance. After 3 weeks, the animals can be grazing fully during the day and feed only once in the evening. After 4 weeks, they are not fed at night. Generally 250 to 300 geese are in a group. It is more appropriate for the two to manage. It is best to drive the geese into a rectangle and let the geese move forward slowly. Let all the geese eat forage. As soon as the morning dawns, you can drive the geese out of the house, return to rest at noon, go out in the afternoon, and return home at sunset. If you grazing in the fields all day long, you must rush the geese to rest in the shade at noon. Rainy days do not grazing.

Disease Prevention and Control Spring goslings attention prevention and control of gosling plague and influenza. Prevention and control of goslings rely mainly on vaccination to enhance immunity. To prevent influenza, oxytetracycline tablets can be ground into powder and fed in 0.02% amount of spices. Penicillin treatment can be used for intramuscular injection of 20,000 IU per kg of goose weight. In addition, there is also a preventive and curative effect by filling with garlic and sugar water.

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