How to reduce feed costs


How to reduce the cost of feed It is convenient to use raw materials for the fermentation of feedstuffs. Self-made pig feeds with starters can greatly reduce the cost of raising pigs and thus have been widely used by farmers. Different methods of production are used, and the results obtained vary greatly. Among them, the starter used is the main reason for the difference. In fact, fermented feeds should use high-quality feed fermentation aids. Jinbao feed fermentation aids are among the best. Jinbao microbial fermentation starter, that is, the second type of fermentation auxiliaries, is a feed-specific microbial fermentation auxiliaries that can ferment all feeds that need to be fermented. It is a kind of compound microbial agent compounded with scientific proportion and carefully compounded by adopting high-tech technological processes and means, selecting a variety of excellent microbial strains, and repeatedly purifying, rejuvenating, screening and independently separating pure cultures. Containing various functional bacteria such as Bacillus, Lactobacillus, Yeast, filamentous fungi. Scope of application: It is used for fermenting energy feeds, various roughage, coarse grains, and other animal and plant scraps. The method of making pig feed with goldfish starter is:
1, materials and proportions. According to the characteristics of the area, you can get it. If there are other materials, the proportions can also be added or changed as appropriate. (1) 70% fresh chicken manure, 15% corn flour, 10% grain bran, and 5% wheat bran. Chicken manure should be free from mildew, and pigeon manure and duck dung can also be substituted. (2) 20% corn flour, 30% wheat bran, 10% rice bran and 40% vegetable (cotton) seed meal. (3) 30% of wheat bran, 30% of rice bran, and 40% of bran water (also called muddy water).
2, production methods. After the above materials are put in proportion, two-thousandths of them are added into the professional feed starter (such as Golden Baby II type feed starter), and the water is added and stirred evenly to control the moisture content to about 65%. The simple judgment method is: grasping the material by hand can be a group, loose the floor and can spread. Excessively high moisture is not good. Then it is packed in a plastic bag or sealable tank and sealed for 3 days (when the winter time is slightly longer, it can be a day or two in summer). When the material is yellowish-green and odorless and slightly sour, the fermentation is basically completed. Can be fed. Details can visit the website or consult.

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