Interpretation of Soft Packaging Aseptic Filling Equipment Technology


Flexible packaging became popular in developed countries in the West more than 10 years ago. Because of its convenient and economical characteristics, flexible packaging is favored by food manufacturers and consumers, so it is still the mainstream packaging form, including juice products and yogurt products. Liquid seasonings, even edible oils, etc., have been in the form of flexible packaging. At present, many domestic food companies have begun to try this form of packaging, such as: Beijing Huiyuan Juice, Sanlu Dairy Company and other enterprises.

Flexible packaging liquid filling equipment is a packaging equipment that is in direct contact with the product and is essential for the hygiene and safety of food. If the pollution or sterilization effect in the packaging process is not good, it will not only directly lead to food hygiene problems, but also pose a threat to the health or life of the consumer; if the quality of the packaging machinery is not guaranteed, the seal is not reliable, the product will be Deterioration during storage, for example: the machine does not conform to the GMP design, there is residue in the filling process directly into the package with the product, resulting in the growth of harmful bacteria, or the seal of the machine is not reliable, oxygen will directly enter the package, bacteria Breeding and breeding in the product, causing deterioration of the food.

As one of the founders of the early development of liquid flexible packaging machines, Bosa has extensive experience. In 2001, the company set up the Liquid Department, a machine dedicated to packaging liquid products, and each year the company invested 4% of its turnover in the development and transformation of new machines, constantly adapting to the current requirements of the food market for liquid packaging machines: High speed, high safety and diversity.

Bosa's BL-3000 liquid packaging machine is the company's newest device recently put on the market. The machine can be filled and sealed from the film forming process to the whole process. The biggest feature of this machine is that it can be used for special-shaped bags. For example, the packaging machine for low-level juice products provided by Bosa Company to Coca-Cola Company of America, the shape of the bag is similar to the shape of the bottle, and at the same time, the bright and cartoon-like packaging. The film attracts countless small consumers; in addition, the machine can also make a lidded bag, making the packaged product more suitable for family needs (for example: Sanlu's upcoming 750ml yogurt product); The machine can also be added to the built-in straw to make it easier for consumers to drink (for example: Huiyuan's 250 ml soft-packed juice product).

In addition to the above, the machine has the following features:

1. Dedicated to liquid products, fully GMP-compliant, with CIP and SIP systems.
2. The speed of the machine can reach 240 bags / minute, two different products can be filled into the same bag.
3. The machine is made of all stainless steel, which is more in line with GMP standards and adopts two filling methods, which is faster.
4. All seals are sealed 3 times to ensure a firm seal and no leakage.
5. High-quality, high-precision flow meter measurement ensures the accuracy of filling.
6. Fully modular design makes replacement products faster and more efficient.
7. Intelligent control system to ensure the smooth progress of the production process.

In terms of sterility, Bosa's measures are: first sterilizing the packaging materials before molding; molding and production processes are carried out in a fully enclosed work area to ensure hygiene; products are hot-filled at high temperatures to ensure products The sterilization process (for different products can also be used to sterilize after molding); at the same time, the machine does not have any dead angle, which can be thoroughly cleaned during the cleaning process to ensure the sterility of the equipment production environment.
This series of designs and measures of Bosa Company make food factory users safer to produce, and also allows consumers to safely eat delicious food.