Jinbao series of microbial fertilizer


The golden treasure series of microbial bacteria, fertilizer, golden treasure, fine collection of microbial fertilizers is based on plant nutrient physiology and rhizosphere soil microecology, developed by the Academy of Military Affairs and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. independently invests in development planning and organization. The fifth generation of hi-tech products for national marketing. The correct application of this product can increase the yield of economic crops by 30%, increase the production of field crops by 10%, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, reduce production costs, improve soil structure, eliminate soil compaction, improve crop quality, increase commodity rates, and ultimately significantly increase economic efficiency. Green food ideal production material. The first generation of old products had the first batch of microbiological fertilizer registration certificates issued by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1997. As early as 1994, it won the national “Two High and One Excellent” Agricultural New Technology Gold Award, the China Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology Fair 1996 Gold Award, and later series. The award was promoted and applied by more than 20 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in the country for more than ten years. The result was notable and welcomed by customers. It is a top grade product in the field of microbiological fertilizers and biofertilizers in China (microbial engineering technology development began in 1937). It is a successful masterpiece of military technology and agricultural use.
Based on the first generation of the old product, the golden baby microbial fertilizer has undergone major new improvements. The purification and rejuvenation of strains has been further optimized. Trace elements have been added, and dosage forms have gradually developed from powders to granules and water formulations. The number of effective functional viable bacteria is much higher than the national standard. In particular, there has been a major breakthrough in the appearance of the product. The packaging is more lovable and more humane, so it is better sold, better used, and more in line with market demand.
1. Features: (1) Increase production and income. It can increase the output of economic crops by more than 20%, and increase the yield of field crops by 10%. (2) Fertilization. Activate the soil, reduce the fixation or loss of nutrients, improve soil structure, maintain nutrient balance, reduce pollution; (3) enhance resistance. Provide trace elements and stimulating hormone to stimulate growth and development of crop roots and enhance resistance to disease, drought and cold resistance. (4) Early maturing and high yield. The quality is improved, the maturity period is earlier, the fruit waste and the number of defective fruits are greatly reduced, and the product rate rate of finished products is increased (5) Cost reduction and efficiency increase. It can reduce fertilizer use by about 30%, increase the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers and reduce costs, and the input-output ratio can reach more than 1:10.
2. Appropriate crops: economic crops, field crops, fruits and vegetables, seedling flowers, medicinal herbs, etc.
3, usage and consumption: 1, base fertilizer top dressing: mu using this product 1-2 kg, and farmyard fertilizer, fertilizer or fine soil are mixed after the ditch Shi, acupuncture, spread can be 2, Goushen Shi Shi: young tree ring Furrows, each with 200 grams, adult tree radial groove application, each with 0.5-1 kilograms, can be mixed fertilizer application, can also be mixed with soil application 3, roots irrigation roots: mu with this product 1-2 kg, Divide 3—4 times, when transplanting roots or other periods after planting, irrigated in the roots 4, mixed with seedlings bed soil: per square meter of seedbed soil with this product 200---300 grams mixed with seedbed soil after sowing 5 Garden pots. Flower lawn, per kilogram of soil with this product 10 --- 15 grams of top dressing or base fertilizer 6, flushing: according to different crops with 1-2 kg of this product mixed with fertilizer, diluted with the right amount of water after irrigation with water Shi. ​​Details can visit the website or consult.

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 Certified Organic Honey is harvested with extreme care, 100% pure, natural, unheated and unfiltered, fresh from healthy beehives. The results produce a superior, energy packed honey with the highest possible levels of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, healing agents as a functional whole food. 

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