Jujube tree open a heavy skill


The armor is also called ring peeling, which temporarily cuts the phloem of the trunk (main trunk or branch), so that the nutrient produced by the blade can be temporarily suspended. Jujube tree armor has the following advantages:

1. The results can be opened ahead of time on their trunks, and ages of 8-9 years are appropriate, which will affect the growth of tree vigor prematurely. Opening armor on the branch can be carried out in 4-5 years, which can lead to a large number of results 4 years in advance. Does not affect tree growth.

2. If the output is high, if the tree grows strong and rotates on its branches, it can be selectively carried out according to the strength of the branches. Generally, the stronger branch is opened first. In addition, the chaotic and redundant branches are opened first, allowing the results to allow the remaining branches to grow and develop. This tree vigor has been strong and has strong resistance to diseases, so the results are numerous and the quality of the fruit is also good. This is one of the main measures for increasing the production of jujube trees.

The opening of the jujube tree (circular skinning) usually begins when the trunk diameter is 15 cm or more in the fruiting period (about 15-20 years old). The most appropriate time is at the flowering stage. The method is: on a tree trunk 10-20 cm from the ground, cut twice with a sharp knife, 0.4-0.6 cm wide, deep to the xylem, peel off the skin. This will be done once a year, with the backbone base ringing upwards year by year, each separated by 3-5 cm.

The girdling should be adapted to the tree, the jujube tree has different growth potential, and the width of girdling should also be different. At the same time, it grasps the principle of no stripping of trees, no stripping of trees, no peeling during the period of circumcision.

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