New Residual Membrane Recovery Machine Solve Land Pollution Problems


The use of photolysis membranes and the use of mechanical and artificial picking up of residual film and other methods to deal with, clean up the residual film, to maximize the control of white pollution. However, for the surface of 5 cm above the ground, the soil is completely cleaned up, but it has always been a problem for a cadre of workers and staff members. In order to further resolve this problem as soon as possible, and take the road of sustainable agricultural development, Red Star purchased five pre-soil surface film recycling machines from Xinjiang Tianjiao Bioengineering Company. According to Li Xueyi, general manager of Xinjiang Tianjiao Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., “We have developed four years of research and gradually developed a weight of 600 kilograms, small four-wheel traction, daily work efficiency of 250-300 acres, and a turbid film of 0-3 cm on the surface soil. The residual film pick-up rate was over 80%.” At the Red Star’s 14-day film gathering session, the reporter saw the leaders, technicians, and motorcyclists of the company’s team, demonstrating, testing, and discussing the surface before sowing. Residual film recycling machine function. Seeing that the ground surface film recycling machine before sowing had worked on the ground, the apparent soil surface was clean. Everyone affirmed the performance of the surface residual film recycling machine before sowing, and also put forward deficiencies and improvements. Nong Xun Shi Xinghong, a second Deputy Acting Deputy Commander and technician Tang Hua, said: “Today, we participated in this remnant film pick-up meeting and felt that the effect of the residual film picking machine to recover the residual film was quite good. It was good for the surface 5 The small residual film can also be picked up."

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