Ostrich Breeding Winter Breeding Points


The quality of winter feeding and management in Ussuri is related to the timely estrus in the spring of the following year, the strength of mating, breeding ability, and the rate of female calving and lactation. Because the northern provinces in northern China have low winter temperatures and long periods of low temperature, this is a crucial period for winter breeding, so the following feeding and management points should be mastered.

1. Breeding and breeding management. In the late autumn and early winter, a kind of environmental conditions should be created for the species to prevent cold, heat insulation and certain light. The cage should be firmly prevented from escaping and reach the level of keeping warm and keeping warm. Soft hay in the box is used to reduce calorie consumption and body weight loss in the species.

2. Ensure that the breeding environment is quiet and hibernating. Ussuri enters into unsustainable hibernation or incomplete hibernation between November and December. During this period, most species of cockroaches sleep in the den all day except for feeding and defecation. According to this physiological characteristic of earthworms, it is necessary to pay attention to feeding and management, in addition to feeding once a day in the morning, do not disturb sleep at other times. Some first-time raisers do not understand this particular physiological habit. They feel that eating or not eating, as if sick, they often drive them out of the nest for forced exercise and feeding. Late or individual estrus is not estrus. Since there was only one estrus in the jubilee, it was generally before 2-4 15th that missed time would create an empty feeling.

3, the ratio of seed feed. The winter should be based on the nymph's lyrical nutrition situation, a flexible grasp of the proportion of feed, so that less and fine, and to consider the fat in the feed and the amount of vitamin E, trace elements and other vitamins, in order to ensure the normal reproductive function of lice. Pay attention to the body condition but not fat or too thin, in order to maintain the best body condition. In addition, sufficient drinking water or clean ice cubes should be given in the winter to ensure the water requirements of the species.

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