Prevention of abnormal tomato phenomenon in greenhouse in early spring


Tomatoes cultivated in greenhouses in the early spring, due to the restrictions of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, etc., can easily cause abnormal phenomena such as falling flowers or malformed fruits. If the necessary prevention and control measures are not taken, it may easily lead to reduction of production and income.
First, the cause of the deadlock (a). The timing of hormone treatment of flowers is inaccurate or the concentration of hormones is too large; the night temperature is too low, resulting in too little accumulation of nutrients. Hormone treatment of flowers the best time only 3 days, that is, flowers open the day and 2 days before opening, after 3 days after the treatment is invalid, early processing is easy to form a stalemate. (b) Prevention and control measures. The greenhouse flowering period of the greenhouse should pay attention to insulation; reasonable use of fruit and other hormones, the concentration is generally required to 0.003%, but should be handled flexibly, that is, when the temperature is low, the concentration is low, the concentration of high temperature when the temperature is low; balanced nutritional supply of fruit .
Second, the falling flower (a) causes. In early spring, the weather is rainy and snowy; the greenhouses cover the area early, and the evening and early evenings cause low light conditions. The plants have poor photosynthetic activity and are likely to form more short styles, which leads to the fall of flowers. Hormone treatment is not effective. (b) Prevention and control measures. On sunny days, the grass cover should be covered early to cover the night and extend the lighting time. On cloudy days, the scattered light should also be exposed. In cloudy and rainy days, the exposing time can be shortened, but it must be disclosed; the light curtain on the back wall of the solar greenhouse hangs on the ground. Reflective film; night with fluorescent light; regularly spray strong photosynthetic spirit.
Third, the abnormal fruit (a) causes. Commonly there are tumor-shaped fruit with long knob-like protrusions, deformed fruit with non-circular shape (tip-nosed fruit, oval-shaped fruit), etc., which are mainly caused by flower bud differentiation caused by flower bud differentiation at low temperature. In addition, if the concentration of growth hormone is too high, it is easy to cause sharp-nosed fruit; soil water supply unevenness may affect the development of flower buds and may also form deformed fruit. (b) Prevention and control measures. In the seedling stage of flower bud differentiation, good temperature, light, fertilizer and water conditions are created to ensure normal flower bud differentiation. In addition, growth hormones such as 2,4-D, tomato spirit, or naphthalene acetic acid should be used in appropriate concentrations to avoid malformation.
Fourth, the empty fruit (a) causes. Peel and placental tissue separation, seed cavity becomes empty, less flesh, tasteless, affecting fruit quality and weight. There are three main reasons: First, flower bud formation period and flowering pollination stage encounter low temperature or lack of light, resulting in degradation of poor pollination seeds; Second, excessive nitrogen fertilizer, excessive growth of nutrients, or after the application of growth hormone, insufficient nutrients during fruit expansion; The third is the use of inappropriate hormones, 2,4-D or tomato spirit concentration is too large or too early to use, the bud is too small. (b) Prevention and control measures. In the formation of tomato flower buds and flowering pollination period should prevent the greenhouse temperature is too low; strengthen the light, a reasonable supply of phosphorus and potassium; hormones should be used on the day of flowering or 1 to 2 days before flowering.
Fifth, the plant growth is too weak or too prosperous (a) causes. Plants that grow too weak have less nutrients, peduncles are thin, flowers are thin, styles are short, and they are easy to fall. Plants that grow too prosperously are scrambled for stems and leaves because of the nutrient produced by the leaves, and the flowers that bloom are also easy to fall. Flowering of the above two plants, even if treated with hormones, will result in the formation of stale or malformed fruits. (b) Prevention and control measures. Elimination of weak seedlings and stiff seedlings at the time of colonization and selection of strong seedlings. Increase fertilization materials, promote root growth, and implement limited fruit management according to plant growth conditions. For vegetative overgrowth plants, timely seedlings in the early stage, appropriate water control fertilizers in the seedling stage, cultivating loose soil, control vegetative growth, and promote reproductive growth.

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