Raising yak survival rate 3 methods


1. Feed colostrum as early as possible. The milk produced 5-7 days after delivery of the cow is called colostrum. It is an indispensable nutrient for newborn calves. Colostrum can inhibit and kill a variety of germs. Colostrum contains more magnesium salts and can promote the excretion of meconium in newborn calves. The sooner and better the colostrum is fed, ie within 1-1.5 hours after the cow has delivered. For the first feeding, the amount of the healthy yaks is 2 kg and the infirm is 0.75-1 kg. The first colostrum dose should not be too large to prevent digestive disorders. A few days later, the yak can calculate the amount of colostrum 1/5 of the body weight every day, feeding 2-3 times a day, and the amount of each should be approximately the same. After the colostrum is extruded, it should be fed in time. If the temperature of the colostrum drops, it can be fed when it is heated to 35-38°C. Colostrum is 4-7 days. After that, they were transferred to yak herd and fed with mixed milk. If a cow dies after childbirth, colostrum from other healthy cows delivered during the same period can be fed. Can also be fed regular milk, but every day need to make up 20 ml of cod liver oil or other preparations containing vitamin A, another 50 grams of castor oil to play a role in light laxation. Can also be fed artificial colostrum, the formula is: fresh eggs 2-3, 9-10 grams of salt, fresh cod liver oil 15 grams. Add 1 liter of water that has been cleaned, boiled, and cooled to 40-50°C. Mix well and feed 8-10 ml per kilogram body weight of calves. Second, remove mucus. After the yak is born, the mucus in the mouth and nostrils should be eliminated first so as not to interfere with breathing and cause yak suffocation. If the yak has inhaled mucus to affect breathing, raise the hindlimb to make the yak head down, tap or lightly oppress the chest and abdomen, shake the body, make the inhaled mucus and amniotic fluid drain, and clean the mouth and nostrils with a clean gauze. Followed by the use of hay or dry rags wipe the mucus on the bovine body so as to avoid calves cold. In severe cases, the hose can be inserted into the nasal cavity and trachea and the mucus and amniotic fluid can be aspirated. Third, off the umbilical cord. After wiping the mucus, the umbilical cord tends to tear naturally. If the umbilical cord is not torn, cut the umbilical cord with sterile scissors 10-12 cm away from the abdomen of the calf and then squeeze out the mucus in the umbilical cord and disinfect it with iodine to prevent omphalitis. One week after the umbilical cord was broken, the umbilical cord was dry and shedding.

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