Reasons why pigs adore the fermentation bed


Reasons why pigs adore the fermentation bed

The use of fermentation beds has changed the concept of many people, farmers favor the fermentation bed, because the fermentation bed saves time and labor, and the operation is simple, while pigs like the fermentation bed, it must have its favorite reason. These are all the same as the appearance of products like the Fertilizer Fermentation Aid, and the fermentation bed made of fermentation aid gives a sense of freshness. Mainly have the following characteristics:

Soft and comfortable. Pigs live on organic litter, not only soft and comfortable, but also able to turn over the ground, in line with the living habits of pigs. The thickness of the bedding layer is exquisite, and the goldfish fermentation bed is recommended to be 50 centimeters.

Cleanliness. In the winter, heating energy can be saved in heating, cool in winter and cool in summer, and the surface temperature of goldfish fermentation bed can be maintained at 20 degrees for many years. All seasons can be used to remove offensive odors. The pigsty becomes clean, and the living environment and working environment of humans and pigs can be improved. Greatly improved.

Sterilization and disease resistance. Pigs sawdust fermentation process, due to warming fermentation, can kill a variety of eggs and pathogens, so that pigs are less likely to get sick, less illness, and fast weight gain, good meat quality, less water. Under the same conditions, each pig had at least 100-200 grams of weight gain per day compared to pigs that had not been fermented with sawdust.

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8.Transporting and storing temperature: +13°C

Fresh Ginger

Fresh Ginger

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