Shiitake mushroom bag four key


Take off the bag and choose a sunny or cloudy morning bag. In autumn and winter seasons, since the northwest wind is often scraped during this period, the surfaces of the bacteria cylinders are liable to be blown dry. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid bagging on windy days.

Control the temperature temperature is higher than 25 °C or lower than 12 °C temporarily bag. The bacteria bags can be moved to the mushroom shed on a trampoline, and a suture is added to the fungus bag. After the temperature is appropriate, it can be taken out again. The suitable temperature for bag removal is between 18°C ​​and 22°C. Mycelia above 25°C is vulnerable to damage. It is difficult to turn color after bag removal below 12°C.

When the film bag is moved from the room to the outside in time, if the baghouse is not covered with the film in time, it will be uncomfortable to transfer from the microclimate to the large space and cause adverse reactions. Therefore, it is necessary to put the film on the trampoline while taking out the bag while discharging the bag.

The broken tube kisses the bacterial bag contaminated by the bacteria. When the bag is unpacked, only the uncontaminated part of the film is cut off, and 1 to 2 cm is left. The film of the affected part is retained to prevent the spores from being released. If the pollution is large, the knife can be used to remove the contaminated part. The uncontaminated part of the bacteria canisters can be collected together for artificial anastomosis. After the mycelium grows in 3 to 4 days, the entire tube can be formed.

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