Steps for introducing rice


(1) Introducing small quantities in order to avoid blind introduction. Based on the study of the ecological conditions and the ecological types of the varieties and the characteristics of the temperature and light response in the environment of the origin of the varieties, and grasping the general introduction patterns, the main problems of local products are determined. The varieties that need to be introduced will ask for a small amount of seeds from the original place of origin and conduct a small area introduction test first. Observe and appraise the growth period, yield, variety, and resistance of introduced varieties in the country, and determine if they will be introduced next year. If large-area introductions are to be promoted, the species selected through the introduction test must be provided to participate in the species of the province or local area. The multi-point regional trials, after being elected, will be submitted to the local crop variety approval authority for review (recognition) and approval in order to be promoted according to law. (II) Quarantine and inspection are to be carried out In accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, in order to prevent the spread of regional danger pests and weed seeds along with the introduction of new varieties, strict quarantine must be carried out. For newly introduced varieties, cultivation must be isolated first. In special quarantine fields, if new dangerous pests and weeds are found in the identification, measures such as incineration should be taken immediately. Otherwise, new dangerous pests and weeds will prevail and cause serious losses. Individuals will bear legal responsibility. In addition to quarantine, a large number of introductions must also be carried out on the quality of their seeds, that is, on the germination rate, purity, cleanliness, etc., in order to avoid irreparable damage caused by planting. (III) After purification and rejuvenation of foreign varieties introduced into China, due to changes in ecological conditions, mutagenesis may produce a variety of variations. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously purify and rejuvenate in order to maintain the unity and typicality of varieties.

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