The cultivation of sweet corn Meiyu No.3


Meiyu No. 3 is a sweetened glutinous fresh corn that has been fed with sweetened sweet genes in sweet corn and grown in glutinous maize. Its fresh taste is superior to some glutinous corn varieties currently produced.
Characteristics The variety has good comprehensive agronomic traits, strong seedling growth, compact plant type, plant height 200 cm, and ear height 90 cm. Spinning, flowering, male and female coordination. The high rate of double spikes, each ear 17 to 19 cm long, the second ear 13 to 14 cm long, without baldness, 14 to 16 rows per ear, grain white, arranged neat and compact. Spring seeds are resistant to low temperature, high temperature resistance in summer, high resistance to large and small spot, and suitable for multi-season planting in southern provinces.
The cultivation points are sown in a timely manner: Spring sowing can be planted in mid-March, and fresh spikes harvested in mid-June; Autumn sowing is to be sown at the end of July, and fresh spikes are harvested in mid-October. The use of mulching, seedling transplanting and other facilities can be planted in advance so that the morning market can be provided. Reasonable dense planting: 2 kg per mu, 2 to 3 per hole. Spring sowing planting density of 4000 per acre, summer and autumn planting density can be properly increased, leaving a plant per hole to ensure the fresh ear of commercial nature. Segregated planting must be planted separately from feed corn and common sweet and waxy corn to prevent stringing and to ensure its consistency and sweetness. General isolation time, sowing date difference of 20 days; spatial isolation, 300 meters apart; or barrier isolation. Reasonable fertilizer: Apply base fertilizer before planting, supplement seedling fertilizer, and apply heavy ear fertilizer early. During the growing period of maize, attention should be paid to cultivating and weeding, timely irrigation during the critical period of corn water demand, and timely drainage of rainwater. Pest control: timely prevention and control of damage to corn borers, aphids, beetles and other pests.
Appropriate harvesting suitable harvesting period is 20 to 28 days after silking and pollination, generally 90 to 95 days for spring sowing and harvesting.

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