The Mechanism and Use of "Peanut Chaoshengbao"


Recently, friends from Yantai, Rizhao, Linyi, and other provinces and peanuts asked about the application of "peanuts". To this end, we specifically informed Yantai City Agricultural Technology Station and the reply is as follows:

First, the mechanism of action

Peanut Blessing is rich in peanuts, a variety of trace elements and growth factors. It is a new generation of high-tech bio-conditioning agents. It mainly regulates the balance relationship between vegetative growth and reproductive growth of peanuts, achieves control and promotion, controls the growth of branches and leaves, increases the fullness of mangoes, and thus increases the output of peanuts.

Second, use method

1, seed dressing. 20 grams of peanut super-bamboo dissolved in a kilogram of water, evenly stirred, the amount to soak the seeds is appropriate, and then boring for one hour after drying to dry sowing. Regulate the growth and development of peanut seedlings, promote internode shortening, increase branching, and develop root systems.

Note: sowing should not be too deep, can be used for sowing wheat peanuts.

2, seedling period. If it is not seeded, it can be peanuts 5 to 6 leaves, there is a long trend, every 20 grams of watered 15 kg, evenly sprayed leaves, promote root growth, increase root absorption capacity, leaf water content increased, Shortens stem base internodes and increases branching. The amount of mu is 15 to 20 kg of liquid medicine.

3, fruit into the soil. Spring peanuts begin 26 to 29 days after flowering. Summer peanuts begin 14 to 20 days after flowering. It is a large number of fruit needles in the soil, 20 kg watered 15 kg, and the leaves are evenly sprayed to restrain stems and leaves from becoming long and preventing lodging. A large amount of organic matter is distributed to calves, increasing the number of full fruit and fruit weight, and increasing yield. Mu dosage 30 to 40 kg of liquid medicine.

4. Comparison experiments. Comparing with control field, the lodging resistance of this variety is outstanding. The output of peanut fresh fruit is increased by 21.94% per mu, and the number of double-fruits per individual is increased by 59.75%. It is the best performance of similar test projects for more than ten years. In this experiment, under the control of a large area of ​​fallow fields, there was no lodging in the experimental field; the number of full kernels was significantly increased, the productivity per plant was increased, and the yield increase was significant.

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