The principle of biological sweetening spirit


Principles of Bio-Sweetening Biosweetening is a pure biological agent that does not contain chemical hormones (or other hazardous chemicals). It is the use of high-tech means to fully utilize the functions and metabolites of microorganisms to accomplish the special mission of increasing sweetness and improving internal and external quality through the wisdom of human beings, allowing “naturally-originated” microorganisms to be “happy with service”. "In nature," for the benefit and contribution of human health and safety, the seeds and fruits produced are "seeing each other," "selling," and "taste". The producers can rest assured that they can safely eat.

Microbiological products are fruits and sweet and tasteless nemesis, widely applicable to all kinds of crops, especially greenhouses crops, cash crops, sightseeing and picking park of the fine guests. Ginba Biosweetening Spirit mainly aims at the fruits and vegetables products with higher appearance and inherent quality requirements. It quickly supplements the various nutrients needed in the plants through the foliage, overcomes the disadvantageous conditions such as low temperature and low light, prevents falling flowers and fruit, and promotes fruit enlargement. To prevent cracking, significantly improve the appearance and intrinsic quality of the fruit. Low price, good effect, no hormone. The golden treasure biological sweetening spirit is a pure microbial preparation, the fruit is not sweet and tasteless nemesis. High-quality guest in cash crops and sightseeing picking gardens. It is a new type of microbiological agent specially developed and formulated for fruit and vegetable products with high appearance and intrinsic quality requirements by applying the latest international microbiological engineering technology of enzyme bacteria. The use of this product can significantly overcome the various problems brought about by the use of hormones and growth regulators. Disadvantages, so that the melons quickly restore the original flavor, more sweet and delicious.

The Circular Fixator contains rings and rods of different sizes, which can be used in different positions. It is lightweight because of aluminium or carbon fibre construction. The enlongated hole give more flexibility and stability in nail putting.

Circular Fixator, External Fixator , Circular External Fixator, Ilizarov External Fixator

Primary useage: For Tibia & Femur Fixation   

Certification:CE & ISO13485 


Advantages of our external fixators:

I. Unnular design, firm and reliable     

II. Easier operation & short time     

III. Minimally invasive surgery, no influence to blood supply of bone      

IV. Second surgery is unnecessary, remove directly in clinic     

V. Dynamic design, better for bone healing     

VI. Taper bone screws, taut and firm after insertion.   

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Circular Fixator/ Ilizarov Fixator

Circular Fixator,External Fixator,Circular External Fixator,Ilizarov External Fixator

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