Watering vegetables in greenhouses is also harmful


When many vegetable farmers manage greenhouse vegetables, they are usually watered by the day (usually once every 10 days or so). The author believes that this method of watering according to the day is very undesirable. If you do not look at the actual situation, just watering the land mechanically will inevitably result in phenomena such as excessive watering and excessive emergence of roots and dead trees.

Watering vegetables should be adjusted according to the growth of the vegetables, soil conditions, weather changes, etc., instead of pouring water every few days. Reasonable watering first depends on the growth of the plant. Usually, when the plants are short of water, the leaves will be wilting, the growth will be weakened, and the occurrence of fruit umbilical rot will be more, then the water should be added in time.

Secondly, we must look at the soil moisture content. If the greenhouse is not watered when it is not dry, it will not only be unfavorable to increase the ground temperature, but it will also lead to poor soil permeability, resulting in lack of oxygen in the root system, lowering the vitality of the root system, and causing damage to the roots and yellow leaves. phenomenon.

Once again, be sure to watch the weather forecast before watering, not only to choose sunny watering, but also to ensure that there are 2 to 3 days of sunny days after watering, to avoid the rainy weather after watering, resulting in increased humidity within the shed, The ground temperature is reduced and the disease is frequent. In the deep winter season, special attention is required. In the first two days after rainy days, it is not suitable for watering. The temperature of the shed should be raised first to allow the plants to return to normal and water again.

Finally, depending on the ground temperature, the average daily temperature of vegetables is about 22°C. In the deep winter season, the ground temperature in the greenhouse is mostly 15°C~20°C. If the watering is excessive or the watering time is not right, the ground temperature will drop rapidly. , causing root injuries that threaten the growth of the plant's above ground. Therefore, watering at a low temperature is preferably performed after the grass is opened in the morning.

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